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DJ Throwback Soul presents "Eat at Yo's! The Final Take Part One"
February 29, 2016 08:18 AM PST
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I tried posting this about a week ago, and found some minor problems with the way the mix ended so I took it off the shelf, gave it a minor coat of glossy paint, and viola, we have the final take of "Eat at Yo's!", the first hour long mix I've made in about a year and probably the only one I'll make until somebody bankrolls my desire to do it again (seriously, this thing took three months of planning, recording, and rerecording for me to put out a version I didn't completely hate)....

The standard villains are all present, and due to a history of giving you the details, I'm only letting you know that if you listen to my gems, you should have heard any to all of these artists... If you seriously desire a artist and track list, send me a message and I'll ponder helping you out....

Hot Melting Face or The Cover Ups
October 21, 2015 11:38 AM PDT
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With Seasonal Melting on the horizon, the need for more liquified caricatures of the our human condition continue to inspire the project on to continued heights of belligerence and Left Field goodness. As we welcome back The Amino Acids, this mix also features music by Wake, The Dead Rocks, Mega Ran & Bag of Tricks Cat, The Kominas, Starving Artist Crew, Gitar, The New Blues Brothers (Dillon & H2O), Aesthetics Crew, and Brownout. I was hoping to have this out as quickly as the last couple dropped on Soundcloud, but seeing as how you guys have been left out of the mix of late...You get first crack at the goodness...Share and Enjoi!

Hot Melting Face - Sleux Fleux
April 09, 2015 11:40 AM PDT
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Hot Melting Face is a series of podcast mixes by DJ Throwback Soul, usually about the length of an American television program sans commercials, exemplifying a collaboration of genres, focusing mostly on guitar laced Hip-Hop and Grimy Surf Punk instrumentals. The project is named after a quote from the great Thaddeus Venture, and will at somepoint feature clips from a multitude of entertainment sources mixed in with the featured artists.

In this episode, the artists presented include but are not limited to: Korn, Gnarls Barkley, The Bambi Molesters, Introspective Minds, Naked Raygun, Jurassic 5, DJ Shadow, and the funniest thing I've ever heard from Deftones....

Face melting aside, this has been a rewarding and challenging project to maintain, and I hope everybody who has listened, shared, or liked the project continues to support it and the artists featured therein, and I wish you all the facial liquification of your dreams....

Hot Melting Face or Why Warm Fuzzies?
September 30, 2014 09:13 AM PDT
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Why Indeed....They say love is a many splendid thing, and there are many splendid things to love about another Volcanic Mug Liquifying experience from the now infamoose Hot Melting Face series....This installment features music by Psyche Origami, Alwaro Negro, Rudy Stevenson by way of Batsauce, The Astroglides, Homeboy Sandman, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, MC Paul Barman, The Offspring, The Difference Machine, and a banger by Meaty Ogre....Let us embrace the face as it slides down the speedsuit of this glorious day, thus we shall go forth and Melt Victorious.....

Hot Melting Face or Tap'd Fif...
July 16, 2014 02:05 PM PDT
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I must ask a thousand pardons for another long break between updates, but between living life and slowly learning why my earlier products never sounded exactly the way I wanted unless I had others record them, I am proud to return with this fresh helping of Hot Melting Face....Sometimes the theme is minimal, sometimes everything, and this time its appearance within the body of work warranted the title "Tap'd Fif" (it'll rhyme with something, I promise)....Featured artists include The Amino Acids, The Difference Machine, Man or Astro-Man?, People Under the Stairs, Scientist with Prince Jammy, Dillon V. Maurer, Dr. Who Dat, Daikaiju, Devin the Dude, and lastly Micranots.... And be ready for another post to happen very soon now that the kinks are finally clearing up...May your face melt accordingly....

Hot Melting Face - 'Duk it
October 08, 2012 04:31 PM PDT
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In a season of change, sometimes you just gotta say 'Duk it....

A weather adjustment warrants a Hot Melting Face, one which has been expounded on by my experiences and influences abound in the physical dimension, most notably my performance in Atlanta at Blowfly, and in late August with Infusion Festivals. Proper shouts go to my ninja 4-ize for the Blowfly event, and Raymond Wiley of Out There Radio for the opportunity to vibrate that there Dragon Hills Great Hall something ultra violent.

So what have we got here? Besides the mystery "Train Dub" midway through, this installment features People Under the Stairs, The Kominas, J-Live, Trocadero, Micranots, Lyrics Born & The Soul Poetics, and Man or Astroman. The same theory still applies, but much like the French restaurant, if you're going to 'Duk it...Might as well make it fresh...Quack....

Hot Melting Face: or Prologued Synthesis
April 05, 2012 04:51 PM PDT
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Ooohhh buddy...buddy buddy buddy....

This is something new I'm trying, or rather something I've fallen back into and wished to bring out into the ether with you all...I present Hot Melting Face, the first take of what will be a new longterm project of Podcastable Insanity...This episode features the following: The Amino Acids, People Under the Stairs, Sonny Sharrock & The Orignal Way Outs, The Kominas, DJ Shadow, Refused, The Astroglides, Dillon ft. Boog Brown, and The Aesthetics Crew....This one is a short one, as all those relating to this project will be, but enjoy it for what it is and share it with those you love, hate, or otherwise just relate with on the daily....

E-mail questions, comments, concerns, threats, love letters, and all other randomness to; DobbsheadCoalition@gmail.com

Thank you, now quit melting on me....

Talkerludes: or The Artist's Apparent Contradiction
December 26, 2011 07:50 PM PST
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These little conversations are spaced awkwardly, but usually they come at the right time...and this is indeed the right time...To return to the tradition of my Boxing Day Mixes past, I introduce you to Talkerludes, a navigation of many of my favorite hip-hop interludes along with a solid smattering of the standard slices of nice I'm prone to dropping in these little adventures of ours...A few new names joining your usual lineup of villainous intent; Micranots, Trouble Man, Willie Evans Jr. of Asamov, Dillon, People Under the Stairs, DJ Krush, DJ Z-Trip, Fat Jon, Devin the Dude, Outkast, Mr. Fish, Jneiro Jarel, Company Flow, Giant Panda, Contraverse, Soarse Spoken, Das Racist, Introspective Minds, MF DOOM, Moe Pope, Black Star, Manuevers, Floyd the Locsmif with J-Live, Rising Sons, and Kat010...It's been a long year with a lot of good things coming from it, Dapper Nods to Mindscape, RevRebel, Speakeasy, Andy for the Halloween gig, and to you for listening to this production of love and hip-hoppery....NEXT YEAR IN SPACE!!!

A Bunker in Valhalla....or Episodic Tribute to Events Transpired....
February 03, 2011 04:21 PM PST
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Bonjour there, friends! I have something very special in store for you this time around; a journey of tribute to a very special Chicago podcast, The Viking Youth Power Hour, interspersed in strange arrangement with the likes of Count Bass D, MC Paul Barman, Qwel & Maker, Micranots, Edan, and some funky, soulful tracks to keep your heads bumping while your brains ponder the relevance of this insanity. This is as strange as it has come, so hopefully your previous adventures will prepare you for what's in store...Praise Bob, Hail the Vikings, and remember; we're controlling it all....

I Blame The Internets - A Further Discussion of...
April 13, 2009 06:09 PM PDT
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...Of what indeed my friends. In this second drop of Throwback sweetness, we stick to some similar names while expanding into some of the stranger loops which make up my everyday life. I did this piece using several computer programs as a attempt to recreate the old pause tape effect without the actual tape player (broke everyone that records another incoming sound beyond radio). The effect is something which sounds well rounded and shiny for radio styled players, but a list of tracks that include Aesthetics Crew, C.R.A.C. Knuckles (Ta'raach and Blu), Masta Ace, John Robinson, and many strange and intriguing interludes of origins foul and funky...it is what it be my brethren and mehthren...Praise Bob...even if he can't dial...

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